The coaching experience is is a personalized 1:1 program designed to help you find Victory Over Anger in just 90 days.
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Stop letting anger get the best of you and start controlling your anger. Our Victory Over Anger coaching experience will help you find healing, restoration, and a renewed sense of peace

Introducing Victory Over Anger e-course, a transformational program designed to help you find freedom from the destructive effects of anger. With nine comprehensive modules, this course is packed with biblical teachings and practical exercises that empower you to apply these truths in your life.

  • Discover the power of understanding and embracing your emotions with our first module, "Permission to Feel Angry."

  • Uncover the root causes of fights and quarrels, gaining insights that will transform your relationships and lead to reconciliation.

  • Learn how to separate forgiveness from reconciliation through lessons on forgiveness and releasing people from judgments.

  • Recognize the supernatural empowerment provided by the Holy Spirit to live anger-free, and experience emotional healing like never before.

  • Gain wisdom on when to overlook an offense and when and how to confront someone in a healthy manner.

  • Find peace even when anger is directed toward God, and learn practical steps to overcome anger stemming from pain.

  • Receive valuable guidance and practical strategies to manage anger effectively and rebuild your relationships.