Hearing the Voice of God is not a mystery.  It's not reserved for the super-spiritual, nor is it for a select few.  It's completely attainable. 


The Hearing God e-course will guide you through the process of how to clearly hear and discern God’s voice. It will unravel the mystery of why you think you aren’t hearing from God and the steps you need to take to finally understand what He’s trying to tell you. There are several biblical lenses in the Bible that shows us God’s perspective and removes our own clouded vision. We will explore all of them.

It’s Time To Connect with God

With the Hearing God e-course, you'll dig deep & nurture your relationship with God.



Tune Into the Divine Whisper of God


Learn how to disconnect from the noise around you and tune in to the Holy Spirit. We'll teach you:

  • Different biblical lenses to clearly understand what God is saying to you
  • How to recognize the voice of God in everyday moments
  • To connect deeply to the Holy Spirit who dwells within you
  • How to become a person God confides in. Hint: It’s in Psalm 25
  • To discern the will of God when making decisions
  • Learn how to differentiate between the Holy Spirit's leading and the enemy's influence, and your own voice so you can tune into God and tune out the enemy.
  • Strategies to make your prayer life a two-way conversation
  • Biblically sound lessons steeped in the word of God.

It’s time to nurture your relationship with God like never before.


 "Hearing God in Moments of Conviction & What Does God in the Bible say in Moments of Sin?"

Unlocking the Path to Clear Communication with God

Are you tired of feeling stuck and uncertain about hearing God's voice? In these foundational modules, we'll help you break through the roadblocks that hinder your ability to hear God clearly.

Module 1: Hearing God in Moments of Conviction

Discover the transformative power of God's voice in moments of conviction. Learn to embrace the Holy Spirit's gentle guidance and break free from condemnation. By cultivating a heart that is open and receptive, you'll create the perfect environment for hearing God's voice.

Module 2: What Does God in the Bible say in Moments of Sin?

Unveiling God's Loving Response to Our Mistakes

Have you ever wondered how God responds to sinners like us? In this module, we'll explore what God says in scripture to people who are in sin. You'll gain insights into how God speaks to us through the Holy Spirit, even in our moments of weakness. By understanding God's voice in these crucial moments, you'll be able to find forgiveness, restoration, and a deeper connection with Him.


"The Character of God & The Character of Satan"

Unmasking the Deceiver and Embracing God's Truth

Module 3: The Character of Satan

Unveiling the Tactics of the Deceiver

To truly discern God's voice, we must also understand the character of Satan. In this module, we'll uncover the strategies and schemes of the enemy, equipping you to recognize his attempts to lead you astray. By building a strong defense against the deceiver, you'll be able to tune out his lies and tune into the unmistakable voice of God.

Module 4: The Character of God

Peering Through the Biblical Lens

Understanding God's character is key to recognizing His voice. In this module, we'll delve into the depths of God's nature, exploring His attributes and gaining a clearer perspective of who He truly is. By studying His character, you'll develop the discernment to distinguish His voice from the deceptive whispers of the enemy.



MODULE 5 & 6

 "Our Own Voice & Making Your Voice Sound Like God's"

Aligning Your Voice with God's Truth

Module 5: Our Own Voice

Distinguishing Between Thoughts and God's Promptings

Are you struggling to differentiate between your own thoughts and God's voice? In this module, we'll guide you through the process of identifying your voice and discerning the promptings of the Holy Spirit. By learning to silence the noise of self-doubt and aligning your thoughts with God's truth, you'll experience a profound transformation in your ability to hear His voice.

Module 6: Making Your Voice Sound Like God's

Harnessing the Power of God's Word

Discover the incredible potential of aligning your voice with God's. Through the practice of meditating on His Word and immersing yourself in His truth, you'll begin to speak with the authority and wisdom of God. By developing a deep understanding of Scripture and allowing it to shape your thoughts and words, you'll find that your voice becomes a vessel through which God's voice resounds.



"Hearing God in Moments of Worry, Anxiety or Fear & Hearing God When Making Decisions"

Navigating Life's Challenges with Divine Guidance

Module 7: Hearing God in Moments of Worry, Anxiety or Fear

Finding Peace and Clarity in the Midst of Turmoil

Worry, anxiety, and fear can cloud our ability to hear God's voice clearly. In this module, you'll discover biblical lenses that will help you identify God's voice when faced with these challenging emotions. By learning to lean on His guidance and surrendering your worries to Him, you'll experience a newfound peace and clarity.

Module 8: Hearing God When Making Decisions

Discerning God's Voice in Everyday Choices

Making decisions can be overwhelming, but you don't have to navigate them alone. In this module, we'll explore the biblical lens for hearing God's voice when making daily choices. You'll gain practical tools and insights to distinguish between God's voice, the opinions of others, and your own desires. By aligning your decisions with God's wisdom, you'll walk confidently in His purpose for your life.

MODULES 9 & 10

"Hearing God When We Read the Bible & A Deep Dive into 1 John"

Unlocking the Power of Scripture

Module 9: Hearing God When We Read the Bible

Discovering the Transformative Power of God's Word

The Bible is God's clear revelation to us, but do you truly know how to engage with it? In this module, we'll teach you how to study God's Word effectively. You'll learn how to interact with the stories, poetry, and teachings, allowing the Word to come alive in your heart. By observing the biblical text and reading it in context, you'll deepen your understanding and encounter God's voice in profound ways.

Module 10: A Deep Dive into 1 John

Unveiling the Rich Truths of God's Love

In this module, we'll take a deep dive into the book of 1 John. Through a comprehensive study of this powerful letter, you'll gain a deeper understanding of God's love and His desire to communicate with His children. By immersing yourself in the truths of 1 John, you'll develop a profound sensitivity to God's voice and experience His love in a transformative way.




Personal Examples/Stories

Real-Life Application of God's Voice

In this final module, we'll bring the entire course to life through personal stories and real-life examples. Drawing from my own experiences and the journeys of others, you'll witness firsthand how the principles taught in this course have transformed lives. By learning from these stories, you'll be inspired to apply the principles of the course in your own unique circumstances, unlocking the full potential of hearing God's voice.

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  • Teach you Biblical lenses so you can begin to  discern God's voice in your life
  • Introduce you to who the Bible says the Holy Spirit is and show you where He is speaking to you.

What sets this course apart from other courses on Hearing God?

What makes "Hearing God" a standout course in the realm of discerning God's voice? It's the power of Biblical Lenses! These lenses provide you with a unique toolkit to distinguish between the thoughts in your mind: whether they originate from God, yourself, or even the enemy.

Unlike other courses that simply tell you to expect God's voice, "Hearing God" goes a step further. It equips you with the tools to analyze your thoughts in order to confidently discern whether it is truly God speaking to you.

By learning and applying these Biblical lenses, you gain the assurance that you are accurately hearing God's voice. No more second-guessing or wondering if it was indeed God's guidance.

The beauty of "Hearing God" lies in its practicality and ease of application. These Biblical lenses are accessible to anyone, regardless of their background or level of spiritual maturity. You will feel empowered as you navigate through your thoughts, confidently recognizing when God is leading you and when He is not.

Say goodbye to the uncertainty and confusion of deciphering God's voice. In "Hearing God," you will be equipped with powerful Biblical tools to discern and process your thoughts, ensuring a clear and authentic experience of God's leading in your life. Unleash the full potential of your relationship with God through this unique course.

Sign up for "Hearing God" today and step into a deeper connection with the Divine – one founded on confidence, clarity, and unwavering faith.




Intentional coaching is a great way to learn and grow quickly. Both one-on-one and group coaching are available to meet your needs.


Jesus taught his disciples both individually and in group settings.  When Jesus taught large crowds, he would often pull away with a select few to teach them in a more intimate setting. Both ways were meaningful and impactful.

With that same heart, Rick is offering intentional coaching opportunities.  When your coaching sessions are adapted to your situation and circumstances, you’ll see firsthand how it applies to your life. You get to ask questions and interact at your comfort level. We can focus on what you need to grow in Christ.  

Spiritual truths will finally come to life! Rick will encourage you, inspire you, challenge you, pray with you, teach you, and guide you. Rick is flexible with his teaching style and tailors it to your specific needs.




I'm Rick.

I'm the founding Pastor of the Church of the Free, where I have served as the lead Pastor for over 13 years.  I earned a Master’s of Divinity from Multnomah Biblical Seminary, where I was awarded the Faculty Award for Spiritual Life.

My passion is to help you experience God’s love and presence in your life, teach you how to apply the scriptures and walk you through a process of true transformation.

I started Come Close Ministries to help people draw close to God and learn how to experience His presence daily.

I started teaching the Hearing God course because a friend of mine said to me, "You hear God better than anyone I know, how do you do it?"  In the moment he stumped me.  I knew I heard God, but I didn't know how I was hearing Him.  This sent me into deep prayer time and I asked God to show me how I was hearing His voice.  Over the course of a few years he revealed the tools I was using in the Bible to recognize his voice. These ‘biblical lenses’ became the framework for this course.

Why did I create a course instead of just answering my friend’s question?  Because people kept asking me how they can have a deep connection with God like I seem to have. These repeated questions sparked in me the desire to help people like you develop a deep spiritual connection with God that I had already discovered. 

But is it possible to truly hear God’s voice? Yes, it's more than possible!  It's your God given right to connect deeply with Him.  Jesus died to give us a relationship with Him.  He then gave us the Holy Spirit to dwell within us.  The Holy Spirit is our comforter, counselor, teacher, guide, and more.  I love showing people how to connect with God through the Bible and the Holy Spirit.

I've been teaching these courses to all ages.  Regardless of your background, I know I can teach you to hear God's voice.  You'll experience God speaking to you within the first week of taking this course. 

Join me on a journey of spiritual connection today!

"What a powerful, biblically accurate, encouraging, and practical course! The Lord had placed me in the midst of an exceptionally difficult life trial where I desperately needed to “hear God’s voice” to provide clarity and direction. Rick’s course was God’s timely provision. This course combines sound theology tied to Scripture along with real-life examples from Rick’s own experiences as well as practical exercises; all of which help make the material come to life. I especially enjoyed the session on fear and anxiety. Life-changing truths!"

Marianne R.

 "My wife and I took this course, and it completely changed our lives for the best! It’s a missing element that we needed to understand to embrace hearing God and understanding His character and much more."

Tim Thompson



Do you ever feel like something is missing from your spiritual life ? Have you ever had to make a life decision but weren’t sure what God wanted you to do? Do you want to know what God's will is for your life? When you pray, do you wish you could hear God speak back?  

If so, then the Hearing God course is for you!

We'll help you tune into God's voice and tune out the world around you. We'll give you biblical lenses to discern God's voice so you can have confidence that the thoughts in your head did in fact come from God. We'll teach you the depths of the Holy Spirit who dwells within you and is your counselor, guide, comforter, teacher, and more.  We’ll root all of it in scripture, so you’re learning is built on the foundation of the Bible.  AND we’ll give you weekly exercises so you can apply biblical truth and learn to discern God's voice in your life.  



Everyone’s journey is different. Find the right package for you:



Learn at your own pace!

  • 11 modules of Biblical teaching
  • Weekly Exercises to make it practical and applicable
  • PDF Manual of notes and exercises
  • 7+ Biblical Lenses to discern God's voice
  • Including, Biblical Lens when making decision
  • Biblical Lens when worry, anxiety, or fear are present
  • You'll hear God's voice week 1
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Hybrid Coaching & Course


Best of Both Worlds

  • All the benefits of the e-course, plus...
  • Three 1:1 sixty-minute coaching calls with Rick
  • Ability to ask questions  direct to the course creator
  • Feedback on exercises & how you're applying the truths 
  • Material expertly adapted to you
  •  Schedule your 3 sessions anytime within 1 year of purchase
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Group & 1:1 COACHING


Supercharge Your Learning

  • All the benefits of the e-course, plus...
  • Weekly 1:1 or group coaching calls
  • If Group Coaching Interact with me & other students.  11 sessions where we learn together.
  • If Group Coaching - online communtiy area
  • If 1:1 Coaching - Eleven 1:1 zoom sessions directly with Coach Rick
  • All material expertly adapted to you.
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