When you want your event to be a success, you need to be able to rely on your speaker to deliver a message that will inspire, entertain and create positive change.


Are you looking for a dynamic speaker for your Church, Retreat, or Event? Do you want Biblical teaching that will inspire, educate, and leave your attendees in awe of God? Rick has a way of connecting with audiences of all ages and helping them see God in a way that is captivating, life-changing, and Biblically accurate.  His messages are profound, show how God can impact every aspect of our lives, and leave people on the edge of their seat longing for more.

When you hire Rick for your conference, church, or retreat,  you don’t just get a bland, canned presentation. Rick prays and seeks God's heart for each audience. He will listen to you about your desires and listen to God to receive a message/talk that is just for you and your group.

Rick’s straight-from-the-heart delivery, passion and energy, inspires audiences to connect deeply with God… and to step into their God-given potential. With charisma, warmth and humor, Rick Reiter, delivers the right message for your unique audience.

As a Pastor with over 30 years of ministry experience Rick is a seasoned teacher and preacher who specializes in  equipping, and guiding people into God's presence.  He makes the Bible come to life and shows you how to apply God's deep truths into your daily life.  Rick is a sought-after speaker who makes complicated Biblical Truths simple to understand and easy to apply. In short, people's spiritual lives are never the same, they are transformed!  Rest assured, your people will love it. And they will be inspired to connect with God in a way they always dreamed, but never thought possible.

Here's a message Rick preached at a local church

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Some of Rick's Favorite Topics:

  • Hearing God's Voice
  • Overcoming Fear, Worry & Anxiety
  • Freedom from Shame & Condemnation
  • Living Victoriously When It Feels Like You're Losing
  • Jesus' Deathbed Message: John 13-17
  • Living Wisely in a Fallen World (Book of James)
  • Overcoming Anger: Escaping the Bitterness Trap
  • Experiencing God's Presence Daily
  • Our Identity in Jesus
  • Any Book of the Bible
  • Have a topic? Rick would love to explore it with you!



Southeastern D.O.C. Retreat

Experincing God's Presence Daily.

This is a closed event limited to the Southeastern DOC community.

Hickory, N.C.

July 12-16, 2023







Day Conference

Freedom from Shame 

Many walk around weighed down with shame and guilt. We are burdened with condemnation which Jesus set us free from. Why are so many of us living under the weight of shame when Jesus forgives us, sets us free, and gives us a new life?

Experience what it's like to live what Romans tells us, "there is no condemnation for those found in Christ Jesus."


Chantilly, VA
August 5, 2023


Day Conference

Victory Over Anger

Anger is an emotion that God gave us, but few of us know how to control it. Too often we are controlled by anger and see the darnage our anger leaves on others. 

Discover the healthy side of anger and respond with patience, grace, understanding, and truth when angered.

Break Free from the Bitterness Trap and live in the freedom of forgiveness without becoming a doormat.

Chantilly, VA
September 30, 2023



I learned so much and was able to directly apply it to my life right there during the conference. I interacted with the prayer team which as truly amazing. I was a little nervous at first but am truly thankful I did. I had not realized how much of a grip old negative tapes from pass trauma in my life was still gripping my soul. Since the conference and my interaction with the prayer team those tapes have been silenced. It has been such a release from my soul and am truly thankful for the peace I feel even during stressful times.


Fairfax, VA

I have been to many conferences and this one ranks among the very best. Each session was God inspired, filled with Godly insight, and touched with humor. It was a long day but I didn't want the conference to end. Each session brought new understanding and I will look at fear and worry much differently now. I took advantage of the availability for prayer. The prayer warrior who prayed over me was gentle and kind and insightful. I had a question for God and that question was answered, not in the way I expected, but with the answer I sought and with great encouragement to continue in my walk with the Lord. I highly recommend any conference that Rick Reiter leads. 


Alexandria, VA

The Holy Spirit was ministering powerfully to me throughout the conference. He pinpointed a specific area of fear I had been shelving for a long time. Rick's teaching was extremely beneficial in helping me practically recognize the root of that fear and have the tools to combat it. Rick taught me how to apply these truths to my life. He then gave us time at the conference to process and release the fear I had and hear what God would say about it. God has really used the conference to aid in this process of sanctification and freedom!



The conference has scriptural teaching that you can’t find anywhere else! If I use what I learned there it will greatly impact my day-to-day walk with the Lord.

Chris Dominick

When I arrived at the conference I was in an anxious state relating to my business. I have been in my field for over 3 decades and I'm usually quite confident and at peace about it. That fact that I wasn't, in and of itself, was disturbing. After the first session regarding peace (another way of saying the absence of fear), I dove into the application session and to say it was effective is an understatement. The anxiety went away to such a level that in the second section I was so peaceful and relaxed that I found myself falling asleep! I had PEACE! Because the content was so good, I rallied for the rest of the conference but a need was met in the very first session.
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